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الرئيسية / التوجيه للتصاميم والصور (صفحة 20)

التوجيه للتصاميم والصور

مجموعة مختارة من التصاميم والصور من افضل المواقع العالمية والمصورين العالمين يهدف هذا القسم لرفع مستوى المعرفة واطلاع المواطن العربي على الجديد والمفيد وكذلك منصه مجانيه لعرض الصور الخاصه بالمصورين والمصممين العرب وكذلك كاحدى الطرق لعرض والترويج لمنتجاتهم وابداعاتهم

Formula One Crash Video Captured by Onboard Thermal Imaging Camera

We’ve often looked at how new applications of camera technology, from quadrotors to GoPros to sequential shooting, can be used to create thrilling footage. But these are often used for purely artistic effect. Now some Formula One racing teams are experimenting with alternate imaging for scientific and diagnostic effect. In last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, UK-based Force India kitted out ... أكمل القراءة »

Montessori Classrooms: Observations through a Design Lens, by Heidi Newell

Images via Wikimedia Commons / Daniel Case All around the world, children are going back to school, and I cannot help but think that if Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy, 1870–1952) were alive today, designers would be among her top teaching recruits for their skills in observation and empathy. After years of alternating between user-experience projects in San Francisco and on-call ... أكمل القراءة »

Caravisio Concept Caravan by Knaus Tabbert

Caravisio Concept Caravan from Knaus Tabbert is a project to raise the interest for camping which unfortunately has been declining for years. Caravanning industry has offered new and interesting concepts to encourage people to enjoy camping as a form of holiday making, but unfortunately those caravan concepts stay just concepts. This time, Caravisio takes different approach to provoke thought and ... أكمل القراءة »

Moooi Construction Lamp by Joost van Bleiswijk

Construction Lamp looks like has been designed and built using children construction toy (remember Meccano?), it’s really cool actually. Designed by Joost van Bleiswijk, a Dutch designer, for Moooi, this one will be highlighted as part of Moooi’s new collection. Similar to telegraph pylon, those 4 sided stand tapers upward towards the light source, each round joint is intentionally exaggerated ... أكمل القراءة »

25 Best Mudbox Tutorials

Mudbox is one of the pioneering software’s in the field of graphic designing. It was first developed in the year 2005 for sculpting 3D digital figures, painting, map creation and other related purposes. This software has the widest applicability in the film industry or graphic designing industry as the images created using this software is of high quality, perfect, realistic ... أكمل القراءة »